R Programming Training

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20 hrs
Instructors Gopal Kisi

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R Programming Training

About this Course

R is a programming language for statistical computing and graphics supported by the R Core Team and the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. Created by statisticians Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman, R is used among data miners, bioinformaticians and statisticians for data analysis and developing statistical software.

R is an interpreted language, which means that users access its functions through a command-line interpreter.

Unlike languages such as Python and Java, R is not a general-purpose programming language. Instead, it’s considered a domain-specific language (DSL), meaning its functions and use are designed for a specific area of use or domain.

In R’s case, that’s statistical computing and analysis. By extension, R is commonly used for all manner of data science tasks.

R is equipped with a large set of functions that enable data visualizations, so users can analyze data, model it as required, and then create graphics. In addition to the language’s in-built graphical functions, there are numerous add-ons or modules that facilitate this.

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