Flutter Framework Training

Flutter is Google’s cross-platform framework for developing Windows, mobile application, or Web applications. It is gaining a lot of attention among developers who want to create an interactive UI effortlessly using the same code base.

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Instructors Rukesh Gwachha Dinesh Bala

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Flutter Framework Training
Started on: Aug 13, 2023
Ended on: Sep 22, 2023
Flutter Framework Training

About this Course

Our Flutter Training  has been meticulously crafted to provide students with the best possible hands-on experience with Google Flutter while utilizing cutting-edge tools and technology. The Flutter Course at NextStep Info Tech focuses on producing multi-platform mobile apps and designing mobile templates. The trainers will also teach students how to create android and iOS apps utilizing flutter. We built this training curriculum for future developers.

Flutter is a free and open-source software development kit for creating user interfaces (SDK). It doesn’t require separate declarative layout languages like JSX and XML, Dart handles it. Similarly, it is also the most popular and widely used framework for creating Google Fuchsia apps. Flutter is more convenient for most developers due to its third-party integrations and native codebase.

What you’ll learn?

  • Cross-Platform development
  • Dart Programming Language
  • UI Design and Development
  • Testing and Debugging
  • Networking and Data Handling
  • Publishing and Distribution

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