Ethical Hacking

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Instructors Rinu Shrestha

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Ethical Hacking

About this Course

Ethical hacking is the expert method used to penetrate a network, computer system, or web application as a service. To the user or company of the system to find the vulnerability that may be exploited by the hackers. Ethical Hacking is a legal methodology used by an organization or company to protect their data from being breached and thief. Ethical hacking Training in Nepal is a very popular course in today’s generation. Ethical hacking Training will introduce you to various types of attacks such as including password cracking, DDOS, SQL injection, session hijacking, social engineering, and other techniques. An Ethical Hacker is also called a “Cyber Security Researcher” because they help organizations from being attacked by malicious attackers. Ethical hackers can be able to do good work to patch the issues in the server and databases of private organizations and governments and help to identify the flaws and weaknesses as well.

Hacking is a neat skill to have. However, such a skill requires great responsibility. Learn about the responsibility an ethical hacker have in this introductory course to Ethical Hacking. In this course, you will get a peek into what it means to be an Ethical Hacker, practice hacking ethically, and learn the tools and techniques to be an efficient hacker.

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