Data Engineering

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50 hrs
Instructors Gopal Kisi

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Data Engineering

About this Course

Data Engineering is the field associated with analysis and tasks to get and store the data from other sources. Then, process those data and convert them into clean data used in further processes such as Data Visualizations, Business Analytics, Data Science solutions, etc.

Data Engineering converts Data Science more productive. If there is no such field, we have to spend more time preparing data analysis to solve complex business problems. So, Data Engineering requires a complete understanding of technologies, tools, faster execution of complex datasets with reliability.

The goal of Data Engineering is to provide organized, standard data flow to enable data-driven models such as ML models, data analysis. The above-mentioned data flow can get through several organizations and teams. To achieve the data flow, we use the method called data pipeline. It is the system that has independent programs that make several operations on stored data.

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