Blockchain with Python

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Instructors Gopal Kisi

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Blockchain with Python

About this Course

A Python blockchain is simply a list of records (i.e. blocks) that are linked to one another in a transactional chain that is immutable, unhackable, persistent and distributed. Blockchain is the current buzz that is dominating the software development trends. The development and designing of Blockchain involves three major components: client, miner and blockchain. This tutorial is aimed to give you a crisp understanding of the process of building your own blockchain.

What’s in the course?

Basically the course is divided in two parts:

In the first part we are going to explore the blockchain technology and its underlying components:

  • What is a Blockchain?
  • Hash Cryptography (SHA256)
  • Immutable Ledger
  • Distributed P2P Network
  • How Mining Works
  • Consensus Protocol

In the second part we are going to actually build a blockchain and simulate the behaviour of bitcoin network by creating different nodes and different clients sending their transactions to the network:

  • Create the core Blockchain
  • Build an API around the Blockchain
  • Create a P2P network of nodes
  • Implement a Proof-of-Work system
  • Create a transaction system for a cryptocurrency
  • Create a nice Web interface

Is this course for you?

It’s for you if …

  • You’re interested in Blockchain, the technology that underpins bitcoin, and you want to learn its core internals in order to be involved in this new promising and fast-growing technology.
  • You want to practice your Python development skills.
  •  You want to broaden your horizon. Want to learn something new? Here you go!

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