Advance Excel

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30 Hrs
Instructors Gopal Kisi Rinu Shrestha

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Advance Excel

About this Course

Advance MS-Excel Training course is targeted for data analysts, business managers, accountants, research scientists, students and other professionals for enhancing their analytical skills and strategic decision making ability. The course aims to make trainees familiar with advance MS-Excel features that are useful in performing complex business operations and overall management functions. 

Advance Excel Training is best suited for candidates who often use this application in their day-to-day work and would like to upgrade their knowledge to use the advanced features and perform sophisticated operations. Microsoft Excel  is most commonly used to perform simple calculations, data storage, data analysis, report generation and complex statistical computations. Most of the organization uses Excel for data analysis. The present day managerial job requires lots of analysis related work that requires managers to work with data. Microsoft Excel is one the most powerful yet very easy tool to use for data analysis. Some of the popular features of Microsoft Excel for data analysis are lookup, scenario manager, subtotal, advanced filter, conditional formatting, graphs, solver, what if analysis, pivot table, slicer, index and match and so on. It also provides 18 statistical analysis tools and 80 statistical functions.

What will you get from this advanced Excel training course?

  • Learn everything you need to be a world-class financial analyst
  • Received advanced Excel spreadsheet training
  • Master advanced formulas and functions
  • Create sophisticated outputs for financial analysis, including beautiful tables, charts, and graphs
  • Easy to follow video-based tutorials and lessons

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