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What you'll be learn.

The MERN stack is a JavaScript stack that helps to make the development process more smother and advanced. MERN comprises four different technologies:

  • MongoDB: It is a document-oriented NoSQL database that is free and open-source. It stores a big amount of data and is highly scalable. MongoDB employs a collection of documents instead of tables, rows, and columns, as in a standard relational database.
  • Express JS: It is a back-end web application ¬†framework that offers a robust range of capabilities for web apps.
  • React JS: React JS is an open-source JavaScript frontend framework that works on an MVC architecture is used to build a dynamic user interface. It is simple, fast, scalable, and easy to learn.
  • Node JS: Node JS is a server-side JavaScript runtime environment that is open-source and cross-platform.

You will learn both front-end and back-end software development utilizing MongoDB, Express Engine, React JS, and Node JS in the MERN Stack development course.

Why should you learn MERN Stack?

  • Full Stack Development: MERN is a full-stack JavaScript framework which allows you to develop a fully functional application using only JavaScript.
  • It’s super simple: There are 3 core frameworks in MERN – Database, React and Node but the basics of each framework are quite simple to learn if you are familiar with HTML and CSS. Each of these frameworks has a different purpose but they all work together to create a dynamic website or web app without any issues. So if you are looking for something easy to learn and work with then the MERN Stack course is the way to go!
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